Las Semillitas is Moving!

As you all know Las Semillitas has been in search of a new space for months. After a long search we are excited to announce that we are moving to Mills College. Thanks to Ada and many families we found a beautiful space that will offer more room and our Semillitas will be surrounded by the picturesque Mills campus.

We are reaching out to our community today because we need your help. So many families have pitched in to get us to this point but we have a few more things to do to get over the finish line.

How can you help?
Moving is expensive and we are doing our best to preserve our budget. To that end, your donations would make a huge impact. Moving comes with so many small unknowns and your donation will help us complete this project quicker. If you are interested please donate here. DONATE

Fence Building: August 13 – 19
Our new space is wonderful and we have a great outdoor space, but we need help building a fence. We will be getting the material and all the equipment but we need bodies. The fence will take some time to build and we are asking for volunteers. Sign up below if you are interested. There are jobs for everyone and this is a great time to continue to build community.

Moving: August 17 – 19
We will also need help moving from our old space to the new one. There are boxes, documents, art, crafting material, you name it. We could use good old strength and transportation to get things to the new space. Sign up below.

Clean Up: August 13 – 19 
The space we are leaving needs some clean up so we can return the space over to the landladies in good condition. The majority of the work is outdoors and requires taking apart the old play structure and removing the old wood chips. This is another case where we will need bodies. Sign up below.